Giving Back

Strengthening connections by giving back to the source of inspiration
 Jessica Davis Photography pays homage to all living things through conservation and conversations.
By continuing to share her knowledge, resources, and contributions through donated proceeds and other philanthropy efforts, a more fulfilling journey through art is achieved. 
Part of the beauty of fine art photography is memorializing the experiences and special qualities that make each landscape unique. Giving back is a way to honor the incredible cultures, wildlife, and natural beauty captured around the world and keep their stories alive.



Artistic support today builds more promising tomorrows.
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Save Giraffes Now

All proceeds from the sale of Victory (16x24 only) from the Wildlife Collection to help prevent the extinction of giraffes through the Save Giraffes Now

The Pangea Network

All Proceeds from the sale of Shera in size (16x24 only) from the Wildlife Collection go toward The Pangea Network, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering individuals in Kenya and the U.S. to make positive, life-changing contributions within their communities. 

Africa is my favorite background. It gifts you a stillness, reminding you to begin.”
- Jessica Davis 


Why Giving Back Matters

Preserving stories happens in several ways:

  • Through the lens of a camera;
  • the sharing of a memory; and 
  • from the hard work and dedication of multiple individuals and organizations.

Each action focuses on protecting the beauty of all that surrounds us. 

In essence, giving back takes solo contributions and makes them part of a grander collective that helps shape the way we see and experience the world.